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Frequently asked questions
General Questions
Why do I need an air purifier?
You might be surprised to hear this, but indoor air quality can often be even less healthy than outdoor air quality, even if you live in a city. The reason for this is that indoor air is often affected by different pollutants than outdoor ones. Things like pollen, allergens, and smoke can deeply affect your health, especially if you or someone in your family is vulnerable to air issues.Air purifiers address these issues by addressing the root of the problem: they remove and destroy these pollutants, turning your home into a place that can be healthier than even non-polluted outdoor areas.
How do I set up my aeris device?
Where should I place my aeris device?
Which countries will my aeris device work in?
My aeris device is connected to the power socket but does not activate.
How can i reset/restart my aeris device?
How do I set the child lock? How do I unlock it?
What should I do if the touchpad fails or the touch buttons are unresponsive?
The device indicates that I should replace the filter. How do I turn off the indication setting?
How will repeated removal/replacement of the cover affect the sensor?
What if my aeris device is damaged? Can I request a refund/repair?
How does air intake and air outflow work on my aeris device?
If I place my aeris device near a wall, how will that affect air intake?
Is it a problem to place items near/around my air purifier?
Can I wash or vacuum the filter?
What if there is water damage to the filter?
What if I detect an odor coming from my aeris filter?
I’ve used my aeris air purifier for over 6 months. I don’t detect any filter odor. Can I continue using the same filter?
Can I use filters from other manufacturers with my aeris device?
The app
How do I connect to WiFi on my aeris device?
My device is stuck in “I’m listening” mode. What should I do?
Where can I download the aeris mobile app?
How do I create an aeris mobile account?
What are the basic features of the aeris mobile app?
How often does aeris update its software/app?
Repairs and replacements
Where can I get my aeris device repaired?
Can I replace my aeris device?
What if I purchased my device from a third-party/online?
Where can I order replacement filters?
The aair Lite
What is the external fabric made of? Is it machine-washable?
What can I do if I spill water/liquid on/inside my aair lite?
Where is the aair lite made?
What is the standard filter life for the aair lite? How will I know when to replace it?
How do I change the filters on the aair lite?
How often does aeris update its software/app?
How do I turn off the WiFi on my aair lite?
The aair
What can be done if the fan is dirty, clogged, or damaged?
Can the fan or the machine be repaired? If so, how much will it cost?
Where can I order replacement filters for the aair?
How do I turn off the WiFi on my aair?